Private Archives Association

Member archives:

  • The Archives of the Centre Party
  • The Archives of the Organizations of the National Coalition Party
  • The Archives of Salaried Employees
  • The Archives of President Urho Kekkonen
  • The Central Archives for Finnish Business Records
  • The Finnish Labour Archives
  • The People’s Archives
  • The Sports Archives of Finland
  • The Swedish Central Archives

Private archives collect private records and archives of different associations in their own branch and place the material for researcher use. These archives broaden our mind about the diversity and richness of the Finnish people and society. Please contact the archive which branch you are interested in.

As a co-operation Finnish private archives founded together the Private Archives Association in 1999.

The main purposes of the association are

  • to maintain contacts with the National Archives, the provincial archives and other archives, associations, societies and companies which are connected to the archives sector
  • to follow the sector’s development and based on that institute initiatives and proposals
  • to promote co-operation and work allocation between different actors
  • to promote the creation of international contacts

Private archives serve customers also when seeking picture information. With the KARK- Image database it is intended to give for customers a better idea about the pictorial material in archives, and in this way, to lead interested people to research in the collections.

Chairman: Riku Keski-Rauska

The Archives of the Organizations of the National Coalition Party
Kalkkipellontie 6 B

FI-02650 Espoo

E-mail: riku.keski-rauska(at)
Tel: +358-(0)400-545 049